Medical Grounds

Retirement on medical grounds occurs when an employee disengages from active service based on the advice of a suitably qualified physician or medical board certifying that the employee is no longer mentally or physically capable of carrying out the functions of his/her office. This could also be due to total or permanent disability either of mind or body.


A RSA Holder in this category can access the balance in his/ her RSA either through an Enbloc payment (if the RSA balance is less than N550,000.00) or a Lumpsum and Programmed withdrawal/Annuity payment.


  • 1. A medical certificate issued by a properly constituted Medical Board or a suitably qualified physician.
  • 2. Letter of notification of retirement issued by his/her employer also authenticating the medical certificate
  • 3. Pay slip or evidence of total annual remuneration.
  • 4. Evidence of any accrued pension rights/acknowledgement of indebtedness (for an employee in the private sector).
  • 5. Official notice of retirement.