Beneficiaries of Deceased RSA Holders

The Beneficiary (ies) of a deceased RSA Holder can access the RSA of the deceased and will be entitled to the client’s RSA balance.

The employer or Next-of-Kin or the representative of the deceased shall notify any AXA Mansard Pensions Office of the death of the employee/retiree.

Requirements from Next-of-kin
In addition to providing an acceptable means of identification (e.g. current International Traveling Passport, National Identity Card or letter of confirmation of identity from his/her bank or Notary Public), the next-of-kin will provide the following:

  • 1. Letter of Administration or Will admitted to Probate
  • 2. Certificate of Death/Cause of Death
  • 3. Certificate of Registration of Death
  • 4. Police Report (if death is by accident)
  • 5. Burial Warrant issued by a Local Government Council
  • 6. Evidence of Death/Burial issued by an Islamic Community Head or Judge of a Sharia Court.
  • 7. Evidence of Death/Burial issued by a Leader of a registered church.
  • 8. Copy of obituary poster (if any)

Please note that we will confirm the validity of the Letter of Administration or Will admitted to Probate.